Monday, August 13, 2012

Wow fancy schmancy!

The pressure is on! I just started this blog 15 seconds ago and already It is informing me I know NO ONE and I have NO profile information...Geesh alright already. I can see I already have 3 unread emails from starting the blog. I'd better hop to it, I already feel behind! LOL  Well as you may know in the (switch to british accent) Very very fancy schmancy world of photography darlings, it is common courtesy to run and uphold ones own blog.
Every photo shoot is on a blog and a FB page as well as an online gallery...wowsers. I am inherently lazy and technologically challenged so this will be a HUGE learning process for me.

I really don't want a generic photographers blog so I thought I would just write and keep my own blog and let my clients "visit" my page:)

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