Monday, August 13, 2012

I am TWO!

I am very excited, tomorrow I get to get snappin happy with a just turned two little boy called JW.  I can tell by his FB photos that he has a TON of personality and I am going to try my very very bestest to capture that SPUNK:) I was so upset when we had to mow our fields but i did keep 2 of them untouched... so I will hope for good weather, great light and and a session that warms hearts!

On another note, after you create a blog...finding it again can be a huge undertaking... heartpounding, nailbiting but I MADE IT! Phew...might be time for a nappy poo poo.

My beautiful sister Helen will be getting married soon well she hasn't set a date but we  she is thinking *whispers* sometime in March, I can't wait a wedding, flowers, cake and I have to get a dress...We need to decide on colors and a theme holy guacamole my   her our wedding is going to be fanfreakingtastic!

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