Thursday, December 27, 2012

We Survived Xmas 2012!

This holiday season has flown by in a BLUR! I am so very blessed to have the wonderful family that I do! I was busy, busy...with Christmas cards and last minute photo sessions, I had lots of editing and a firm deadline in place. I stayed up late and woke up early, burning the candle at both ends and I enjoyed EVERY minute of it! When you do what you love it's amazing how "work" is not even work. I am super happy and excited for 2013, I will be launching my new website and I have partnered with a lab so all your prints will be easy- peasy to order, they will be mailed directly to you and you will be able to share your online gallery password with your family and friends so no matter where they live they can see and order too!

I still cannot believe how awesome 2012 has been and I have new, big and exciting plans for 2013. Those of you that know me  know that I am a doula as well as a photographer and I have some new doula clients on the books... with beautiful new babies to follow! Being a doula is something I will never stop doing, I love families and babies, watching them grow. There is something so special and holy about seeing a baby take his first breath and watching parents meet this tiny little creation for the very first time! Every single birth I have attended holds a special place in my heart.

Thank you for choosing me to be your photographer, doula most of you can see the two are so intertwined. I am very grateful for you all. Thoughout this journey I have made so many wonderful clients who along the way have now become friends.