Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I choose moth!

What a morning, I mean wow...it may take me a few hrs before I can move, I think I'm suffering from ACD (acute morning trauma).   I know lots of mother's manage to have a nice sing songey get ready for school kinda morning where their gorgeous children line up all pretty and eat their breakfast with out fighting and remember their glasses and homework...  NOT ME.  We have a fly by the seat of our pants barely scraping by to make it on the bus kinda morning... EVERY morning!
My children that my mother likes to call "delightfully naughty" are of the horrible , terrible kind and if you ask me (in the mornings) not an ounce of delightful to them! 
Madeline is at school, her glasses and homework are here at home...Timothy is my only one that likes his stuff nice and neat , his homework done and brought back everyday. He is my first grader, no idea how he got that way with his big sister and big brother as examples! Aidan's homework is at school because he forgot to bring it home ...
Kateline will most likely be like Madeline and Aidan she already loves to wreck anything and everything in her path...folded laundry piles do not stand a chance with Kateline on the loose, she's a seek n destroy kinda kid.
Lucky for us we did make it to the bus and we waved our goodbyes, by the time they come home all will be forgotten...until tomorrow morning rolls around!
Kateline is so cute she gets on her shoes and gets her little back pack and she walks to the bus stop in the mornings. When we walk back we try to look for birds and flowers and bugs.

This morning it was like watching a live episode of National Geographic ..on the walk back to the house we saw a huge moth being attacked by a wasp. The moth was fluttering it's wings a million miles an hour distracting the wasp that was trying to sting it...It was quite a struggle I could feel how desperate the moth was... I wanted to help it because between a moth and a wasp I choose a moth, but just then it managed to ditch the wasp . It quickly flew up into the tree,where it stopped. Still as possible, flat against the bark. I was holding my breath, terrified for the moth...the wasp buzzed about searching but the moth was completely camouflaged by the bark on the trunk of the tree . It was amazing! What a clever moth:)


  1. Where's the like button on this? Girl you are not alone as you know I also have a " delightfully naughty" bunch. Colby forgot to take his meds. yesterday and of corse with my hectic mornings I fogot to remind him. So this morning he was supper bouncy and supper naughty. He is like the energizer bunny on speed control, logic switch turned off. OMG, I finally got him to get his shoes on and out the door. Shoes untied, hair standing on end and ofcorse he let Rosie ou. Chase is all ready shoes on, back pack, lunch box standing nicely waiting on the bus. When Colby arrives picks up a stick and WACK!!! Chase retaliates by wacking him back, and its all out war. Boys are on the ground back packs and lunch boxes flying. Rosie is on the loose and thunks this is a game so she is bouncing aroubd them but in the air, tail wagging. I' m hollering for them to knock it off, flip flops in hand and all while wearing my pjs, barefoot, and curlers in my hair ( added the curler part ) and the neighbor watching with her very calm boy and very obedient dog. Finally the bus arrived and they boarded to be someone elses problem for the next 7 hours. I feel for the teachers. Now I sit peacefuly with my feet up and coffee in hand apperntly writing my own blog , which was supposed to be just a comment .

  2. Love your comment! BEST 1st COMMENT on a blog post ever! You... like me suffer from ACD. Yes I also "feel" for the teachers (by feel I mean love and adore) how could I survive without them. I know my children must make them REALLY love their summers;) You should move to the country then if you have perfect neighbors at least they will be too far away for you to see! *Cheers* here's to hectic mornings and delightfully naughty children xx