Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's raining Ants

Why is it after every rainstorm the ants start to go CRAZY...with new mounds popping up all over the place?
I really, really don't like fireants. They are mean and evil.

On Tuesday I had a family session with the Comprosky's...we had a great time hiking through my fields. I was snapping photos like a mad woman , LOL I know I must look hilarious, the sight of me alone is enough to get anyone giggling...Unless that is you're 2 and you're name is Wyatt. He was so delightful, he already had an  eye for the  ladies  girls... age 10 works well, (so Hannah and I were not even close).  His mom said "he loves girls" and she wasn't kidding, he lit up when he saw Madeline. It was sooo cute!  We did get some beautiful photos! Little man Comprosky was such a HAM... Madeline would dance around and he would squeal with delight!  Madeline always BEGS to be my helper, she did not disappoint and was definitely the gal for the job!
Heather and Josh thank so much for taking a chance on me!
 I was so involved in what I was doing I didn't notice I was standing in a fireant  mound...when I looked down, my white tennis shoe was black and MOVING, the little suckers got me good! OUCHIE it stings! Me No Likey! Go away mean ants and never come back!
At the end of our session the wind suddenly picked up, black clouds rolled in and you guessed it...MORE rain! More rain=More ants! We really need to treat our yard, by yard I mean 7 acres... Wonder what farmers use?

A few photos from our session!

The next morning I am scratching my itchy ant-bitten foot and warning the kids to watch where they step. As we make our way down to the bus stop, I am entertaining Kateline who would much rather be running around than stuck in her stroller, the boys are playing soccer, when Miss Madeline decides to go traipsing through the fields.  All of a sudden she starts jumping up and down screaming "ants,ants ANTS". I high-tail it over there at a speed unnaturally fast (especially for me). I whisk her up and start rubbing her feet. "where are they? " I ask..She grins and says " I'm acting mommy, am I good?"

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