Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Women supported + Women encouraged = Woman embraced

I have since I was in my early 20's always believed in the spirit and power of women united. Through the years I have seen through media, and social groups, women time after time being held to a standard that is not realistic. Photo-shopped images of celebrities blasted in our faces, changing perceptions of what is normal and natural.  Actresses not permitted to gain an inch without being dragged through the headlines. What a sad state we are in, where image  is more important than heart.
I was so pleased to see beautiful Kate Middleton embracing her postpartum curves and proudly showing off her new little prince. It is sad that it's even a topic, more women should be showing their bodies and the changes made by babies and birth, so we can all see what is normal.
Our bodies tell a story, with every stretch mark and blemish , this IS real.
So I embarked on a journey, to photograph real women, supporting each other, encouraging each other and embracing their bodies and themselves.
I needed the most encouragement out of everyone. When I think about the photo shoot my eyes well up with tears...I feel brave and courageous, loved and accepted. Thank you to all the beautiful women that empowered and encouraged me. I am proud to show and tell my children what it mean't for me, to make myself vulnerable and be embraced with love. YOU GIRLS ROCKED this shoot! Photos will be coming soon:)

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  1. Thank you for doing this series. It meant a lot to me to be involved in something so real and beautiful.