Tuesday, July 30, 2013


After seeing facebook pages like "beauty revealed" and Jade Beall's amazing " A beautiful body project" I was inspired to do a project of my own. Where bodies were photographed in all their glory, proudly showcasing  women and mother's being comfortable in their own skin. No matter what their shape, size, age. The only prerequisite for the photo shoot was that they were mother's, not that they were pregnant or gave birth (adoptive/foster/step mother's welcome).
           I knew I wanted my photo shoot to be outside with golden sunlight illuminating their skin...then I remembered...a photoshoot I organized when I was 19yrs old. We took pictures topless in a field with flowers in our hair and cleaveage. I think this photo shoot for me...has been a LONG time coming. Here are some of the photographs taken in 1995.

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  1. I love that you are showing the true beauty of mothers in your project. So often in society we forget that when our bodies create life they change and soften. It is encouraging to see it portrayed in a strong beautiful way. Your pictures shown here are raw beauty and I look forward to seeing the one's you are taking of mothers in this light. <3