Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I love photobooks, they are fun and simple to do but most of all they make the best gifts! For my friend Jodie's birthday I wanted to do something special and heartfelt. So I took photos of her children while I was babysitting them and then for her birthday I gave her a surprise birthday book with photos she had never seen.

It was awesome! She was so surprised and I even threw in a little poem I had written!
Our mother's love
What could be more important than our mother's love?
Her personal needs are set aside it's us she's thinking of
Not just our guardian angel but a friend we can't deny
Who loves and stands besides us, wipes our tears when we cry
Our mother's love is special
How lucky we must be, God sent us down an angel
To love and care for three!

These ones we did for their Grandma!( and yes she got a poem too:))

Having photos done is one of the best surprises you can give your family and friends, don't tell them keep it "hush, hush" and then surprise them with a photobook for their of the best presents ever...just ask Jodie:)

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